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Post  davis1312 on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:25 pm

Your Information
Key [?]:davis1312
Position Applying:Event Admin

In-Game Staff Experiences
Game Name:Era of the Shinobi (old)
Theme Of Game:Naruto
Game's URL:

Game Name:Dragon Ball Epic Universe
Theme Of Game: DBZ
Game's URL:

Game Name:Phoenix Sundered Earth
Theme Of Game: DBZ
Game's URL:

Game Name:Soul Sanctuary
Theme Of Game: Bleach
Game's URL:

Game Name:Ikou Era Classic
Theme Of Game: Samurai
Game's URL:

Freehand Questions
What made you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi Team? (2 Paragraphs)

Because I'd like to rejoin the admin team as one of the previous admins of the game and re-offer my abilities as a Event Coordinator in-which I was hired for the first time. I've managed and written story lines as well as backgrounds for generally every game I've "Eventmin'd" upon and I consider myself fairly good at constructing a wipe where players will constantly have reasons to role-play as opposed to sitting and awaiting more events. I'm also very restrictive in regards to using verbs, meaning I'd only help a player with things regarding gaining anything they cannot gain on their own if given permission by a higher admin. Other than Event Coordination, I'm mostly good with things pertaining to mapping and a bit of iconning, so I'd be able to build a good looking village using build verbs if any during any point of the wipe.

Lastly, I play the roll of enforcer, which is fairly simple to where I deal with ooc and ic madness and mayhem. As Eventmin, I hardly play as any deeply involved regular characters and revolve my roleplaying around short term and long term ECs, meaning that I'm mostly free to help players outside events without them worrying if I'm rp'ing on another character. This also means that I wont really have any one village having more rp because my original character is or is not there (however layers may view it).

How can you help this game reach it's full potential?(2 Paragraphs)

I am a harshly active role-player and there's hardly a time where people would see me offline. However, i may be afk for a bit while playing a game of greater interest if I'm simply a player, or away from a game I'm playing as a player to admin on another. I'm capable of juggling multiple alts for events, though I'm a big fan of using bunshin war-fare where I simply roleplay the part of all of the attackers as a reply to all of the roleplayers that are participating. There's also a few occasions where alot of my old beyond friends follow me to games when I'm event admining, however, I wouldn't count on it seeing as alot of them are repelled by naruto. Though, considering the new maps, they map stay.

To aid this game in reaching its full potential, I'll bring constant story updates that follow each event as the story progresses along, transitioning from one arc to the next with each event incremented as a chapter or episode in the story/chronical. Considering I know how players enjoy reading what's recently going on, this will keep players sharply tuned to the game's happenings and willing to talk about the current events passed through the news npcs.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state (1 Paragraph)

To improve the current state of EOTS story wise, I'd advise using a sort of tab-like system for the chronical in regards to the story, having one overall back story and a different tab for each arc with either chapters or episodes for those arcs. This way, players wont have to scroll all the way through the chorincal to figure recent events when they could just skip to the most recent arc. Each episode/chapter will be titled and hold a description of the events' beginning and outcome. This will mention important characters and such pertaining to the event so that players feel as if they accomplished something. Other than this, the same can be done with a newspaper-like setting with the main story as the overall background tab and each tab placed as a news issue/date; within each news issue will be listed newspapers for each event including titles and details ect.


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