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Post  SlayerthePhlegmatic on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:00 pm

Honestly, I am not a fan of the current system of progression, hence the purpose of this topic. Although it works, I feel as though it could be better, regarding that right now, the base of it supports both players whom actively create rp, and people who sit in Konohagakure's square all day. It also downgrades from player-antagonists in the game, at least, some of them, regarding that there was a saying I was told many times: don't stay logged into your villain character for long periods of time.

Although I feel this current system should be coordinated, it should become less of a factor, and the biggest factor should become the amount of infamy a player gains, both OOCly and ICly amongst the playerbase. Effectively developing RP should have not as much of an immediate effect though, rather a long term effect, even if this long term effect is unveiled only through timeskips (which, by the way, I believe should not be equal for everyone. Players who were active, developed actively, and helped others develop actively, should receive far larger timeskips then people who idled, and people who have just made. That didn't seem like a factor in the last two timeskips, although both of them can be excused to an extent.)

I apologize if this suggestion is wrong, or already implemented.

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