Gaining Perks/Jutsus and Unique Traits/Jutsus

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Gaining Perks/Jutsus and Unique Traits/Jutsus Empty Gaining Perks/Jutsus and Unique Traits/Jutsus

Post  Enreu on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:37 pm

I think people need to be able to train toward more than one perk or jutsu at a time. Some people have high stamina icly and should be able to train multiple things and some can't train their profession every day (like those in the medical field, they can only get real practice with real bodies and people aren't injured every day) and wish to learn other things on their free time but don't wish to get rid of their previous logs if they choose to alter or change routes.

I think people should be able to see/organize their own logs while still using the progress log to print the time so people can't fake their logs.

For Unique Traits, I think there should be a verb like the progression log now and a person should be able to submit their ides for these traits/jutsus for their char and if it is approved they can start logging their work/mastery of the traits in their progression log


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