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Post  Shin-Akaido on Fri May 24, 2013 3:16 pm

Alright, so I know it's already in the game but I kinda wanted to add more to the summoning than was shown in the anime. I know for a fact there is more than just Enma. So what I have is a suggestion for separate summonings that someone with the monkey contract would be able to do. I also know that they aren't all monkies, but bear with me on that one. Almost each monkey has the primary element Earth, but can have the secondary element of either Wind or Fire (water in Kong's case) in symbolism to ancient Japanese and Chinese mythology.

Mount Huaguo: It is a place where all summonings of monkies reside. Unlike Mt. Myobuko, it is just one mountain but giant enough to appear like a land. At the top resides where Monkey King Enma and Monkey Elders Saru and Chinpi live. It is known as the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, so it is notable that you can find vast amounts of tropical fruit and flowers within the area. Monkies are running around doing there thing, and apes are too. It is not specified to monkies, as well as all primates have integrated through the past and have become part of this land.

Monkey Prince: Wukong- Wukong is the Prince of the primate summoning. He is rather small as he appears to be about the size of a regular monkey. His fur seems to have a bright orange like brown and beige like skin similar to his mother's. However, he has the facial features of his father. He has an innocent face about him, and appears to be more light hearted than Enma.
Abilities: C-Rank Summoning
He has simple use of weapons and hand to hand combat. Nothing too special.
Elements: Unlike all other primate summonings, he only has wind element.
Trained Sensory: This is Wukong's main ability. He is a sensory summoning used to locate and track down people.
Renkuudan: It is not as skilled as others, but serves as his main use to fend off against attackers.

Light Foot
Primary Training-Wind

Ape Knight: Ruijin'en B-Rank Summoning
Ryuijin'en, or Jin as he likes to be called, is a valiant knight that serves under Enma. He is a skilled warrior who dons samurai armor and wields a katana. He is large in size, sizing up to a small elephant. He is classified as a medium sized summon, and is quite skilled for it. Jin is quite strong and is skilled in both Doton and Katon.

Jutsu: Earth Wall -He is able to summon a decent rock wall. Considered to be quite skilled in Doton, he is a master of it in alot of aspects. One being he can create great Earth walls.
Earth Dragon Bullet- Another ability is he can create earth dragon bullets. This is great in
Great Fireball Technique- Known for his earth style moves is his fireball as well. Rumored to have the greatest fireball technique in all of Mt. Huaguo. His fire ball is quite impressive.

Incredible Strength
Large Chakra
Primary Training-Doton
Secondary Training-Katon
Trained Kenjutsu

Ape Lord: Kong A-Rank
Kong is by far the strongest of the summons due to one simple reason, his size. He was once the tyrant of Mt. Huaguo. He lived at the tip top, which was surrounded by flames that could never be put out. There with his adopted monkey daughter, Chi, he ruled the land with an iron fist. However, a young man stepped forth to challenge him in combat. He failed, but showed kindness to the tyrant by achieving the legendary Bancho Fan and put out the flame. This man came to be known as Enma, and won the heart of the girl. Later, known for his skilled leadership and compassion, Kong decided to step down from his reign and give it to Enma. Kong is a large summon, almost that the size of Gamabunta. He is a skilled warrior and likes to drink with Enma and Jin from time to time. He is also the only known monkey with water element and wields a Kanabo.

Elements: Earth and Water

Jutsu: Water Style-Gorilla Oil Spit: Much like the toad oil bullet, Kong can do something similar. He uses chakra and combines it into his spit to make oil. This is used much like in comparison with fire jutsu to make a "hot" mess. It is more of a combination jutsu or a way just to grose people out.
Earth Style: Rock Wall- They can make a earth wall just like Jin, but to a larger extent.
Suiton Style: Water Dragon- He can fire off water dragon bullets.

Monsterous Strength
Vast Chakra
Very Fast
Primary and Secondary Element.
Exotic Weapons

Monkey King: Enma A-rank
Enma is the ruler of all Mt. Huaguo and for good reasons. He is a wise man who leads the village and appears to have great skill to boot. Though not the strongest of the summons, he is the wisest and compassionate of them. He is also able to transform into a pole arm that can change size. This is is ability though it's not much more than that. He can also do basic hand to hand, and is balanced throughout his core abilities. He has some ability to use jutsu, and can be a great asset as the weapon or as a fighter. His elements are Earth and Fire.

Polearm transformation.
Great Fireball Techique.
Earth Style: Doton Clone

Very Strong
Large Chakra
Daft Handseals
Very Fast
Acute Hearing

This just a list of suggestions that I have for monkies since having more than Enma and creating some backstory to the monkey summonings was quite fun. I don't really care about nit picking or anything, this is just a way to see what others think, because more summonings than just Enma seems more exciting. Not saying I nor anyone will get this for awhile, but if this goes through I do intend to do some iconing for both Jin and Kong since they really won't be player characters unless the admins intend for them to be upon accepting a course like this for summonings.


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