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Post  Claytonctc on Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:48 pm

I have a rough idea of how players could generate income in the game and give non-ninja an easier time of making money.

The basic idea is setting up a "merchant" npc in every village (Maybe more then one for various items), You can sell things to these merchants like crops, weapons, fish and other crafts and such players can make.

Half these items are turned into ryo and sent to a village treasury. The rest is sent to other npcs around the village to up there "stock" (Which without player help refreshes every couple of in game weeks? Maybe every in game month if you wanna make it more vital). The money in the treasury I would assume could be used to pay for missions, Trade with other villages, ect.

The more that is sold to the merchant the more stock the npcs get. This allows players whom have decided to be blacksmiths, Miners, Farmers or what have you the chance to earn some money, And give players a chance to buy weapons from weapon merchants in limited amounts, If any blacksmith even sells them. I also feel this will give non-ninja players more value, Or at least ninjas who have side jobs since they'll be earning cash for the village.

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