Going rogue and you. (Guidelines on going rogue with age and rank)

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Going rogue and you. (Guidelines on going rogue with age and rank)

Post  Shin-Akaido on Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:08 pm

Alright, so we all know there needs to be enemies in the Era universe and going rogue is well...speculated as such. Not always, but usually. It creates RP and makes for a better environment. However, people who are like...under fucking 13 and rookie genin wouldn't stand a chance in the wild. For the sake of common sense, I am now suggesting that if u are under a certain age and rank without supervision, yo ass is grass. With bears, snakes, and wild animals that can roam the forest, a young child rookie genin doesn't have a high chance of survival.

Rookie Geinin under 13:
10% chance of survival.

Rookie Genin 13-15:
25% chance of survival

Rookie Genin 16-18:
50% chance of survival.

Genin under 13:
25% chance of survival

Genin 13-15
50% chance of survival

Genin 16-18
60% chance of survival.

Vet Grade (C) Genin under 13: 50% chance of survival.
Anything else you're pretty much fine. Feel free to add to this, I'm sure this isn't quite the consistent list and can be altered better than it currently is. Thank you.

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