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GUIDE (UNOFFICIAL, Any opinion or help is appreciated.) Empty GUIDE (UNOFFICIAL, Any opinion or help is appreciated.)

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Alright, This guide will cover some basic rp aspects and somethings about the game that might not be obvious for new players. It's a work in progress and any help would be greatly appreciated. Still working on the fighting section because people argue over how fighting works.
You'll need to know this before anything else. We'll discuss how the game works AFTER a short explination.
We'll start by explaining what roleplay is, Roleplay is basically like online acting. (Only with no script and more violence.) When you make a character your creating a new person, They can be as similar or as different from you as your are comfortable with.
Rp terms:
Ic = In character. This is you talking as the character your acting as. You talk in IC by using the SAY bar. It will be a gray bar with a little green button by it. On the button will be "Talk+". I'll expand on this later.
OOC = OUT of character. You can do this in two ways, there is an OOC chat box to the bottom left of your game screen. The 2nd way is by talking in brackets. (Like this) using the say bar.
How to roleplay:

There is a button just below the chat box, This is how you'll do most of your actions, It'll be a black box with "roleplay" in white on it.
Roleplaying can be difficult or easy, Some people pick it up quicker then others. In alot of games the quality of a roleplay equals these three things.

Quality, How well written it is. Grammar and such.
Length, How long and descriptive it is.
Speed, The faster you roleplay the better.

All and all quality matters the most, But if your roleplays are only a sentence long or take an hour to write people will get a little tired of it. And if your grammar isn't perfect it's okay, Aslong as people understand you.


*Clayton took in a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself as he peered over the edge of the diving board looking down at the water below. He was a good bit off the ground and more then a little nervous. The thought of him smacking into the water below sent a small chill up his spine. Exhaling slowly before taking another deep breath and picking himself up. Kuroda began to lightly jump up and down on the board, stalling for a little time before he finally jumped off, curling into a ball as he fell towards the pool below.*

This is not a perfect example but it'll work for a demonstration. It's lengthy enough that most people wont complain, But again even if your roleplays aren't this long aslong as they get your point across you should be okay. The more you rp the longer an better they'll get.
Basic customization:

Okay so we'll start with clothes first, In every village there are maps and shops. A map will look like a sign with blue and green on it usually, You can find them nearly everywhere. From the map you can find stores for clothes and other items! (Note weapon merchants usually don't have any stock.

You can view peoples profiles by clicking them. In order to customize your PROFILE and chat color you have to go to options, Which is right by the progress bar! It'll be a black button with "options" in white above the ooc box. It'll be right next to the red progress log button. From here you can muck around with a few things but I recommend only clicking "Ic chat color" and "Profile". From profile you can edit your physical attributes (Wounds weight and height) or just directly edit your profile which adds texts or photos to your description. You might need some basic html for this but even if you don't know html you might be able to find somebody to make you one, And if not you can just type in some basic info and somebody will probably offer eventually and if not html is pretty easy to learn.
Perks and the progress log:

Perks are like little IC badges that let your character preform certain actions, They show off your skill and strength. Ranks are odviously things like genin, Chuunin, Jounin.
Perks show people your skills and power, If you have the strong perk and are the same rank as somebody, That makes you stronger then them! However if you had the strong perk and somebody was one rank above you, Say your a genin and there a Chuunin, you are around equal to them physically, See "HOW TO FIGHT" for more information on this.
To earn perks you have to roleplay quite abit! It can take awhile to get even one perk. Perks are awarded by admins who check your "Progress log". The progress log is the red box to the left of your screen, just above world chat (or OOC).
Here is a list of perks for you to skim through. " ".
The progress log:
See "Perks and the progress log" if you don't know where the progress log is.

When you open the progress log there will also be a link to other guides. The perk list however should be ignored and you should use the database linked here. Now, At the upper right part of the progress log just under the red button with a white X is the "change" button. When you've picked out a perk that you think works with the character your playing as, type in the very first one, it'll usually have a name like "acute" or some such that shows it as being less then the perks underneath it. That's because perks work in TIERS, you need a tier 1 perk before getting the tier 2 perk.

Now that you've got a perk picked out let's discuss how to earn that perk, As you roleplay training all you have to do is copy those roleplays after you've written them and post them in the rp log, Then just click submit! It's also recommended
that you save roleplays that would be related to the perk in a notepad file incase the game crashes or something.

To roleplay for a perk, Just think of what actions would help you in real life learn that skill or ability. Like if your going for fast you'd odviously roleplay sprinting, going for jogs, ect. It's also better to roleplay with people rather then alone.
Pick the one here that describes most what you wanna be. Of course you can role play as anything these are just basic guides.

Ranks are gained in game. As a ninja you'll want to look for the NINJA ACADEMYyou can usually find this pretty easy by looking at a map, and asking about it to groups of people is a good way to get enrolled! Classes are held by people who rp teachers. You can get your three basic jutsu here and some ic training. From the academy you can get your start as a ninja, The ranks for ninja are as follows. Academy student, Genin, Chuunin, Jounin and Kage. Anbu is assigned by the kage but I think it's usually chuunin and up.

As a Samurai you'll want to start at the Iron temple. (FURTHER INFORMATION REQUIRED)

Nobody plays priest so I have no idea how you start this.

VILLAGER (non-combat):
If you want to be a blacksmith then you can still be a ninja, Samurai or some other such profession. But if you want to go full villager, Like a farmer or blacksmith I will warn you in advanced. Your in for a very hard time, There is no economy system in the game yet so you'll have to depend entirely on other players for money by having them buy your crafts or crops.

You gain 3 basic jutsu as a ninja from the academy, Henge, Bunshin, And Kawarimi. You can gain more techniques by getting a teacher(you might call them sensei)  to teach you techniques. You can also teach yourself through a method similar to perks, but it can be quicker just to learn from somebody. Teachers in the academy can teach you with a verb, people can teach you through a "teach" and "learn" verb. It's slower then how the academy teachers teach however.

As a samurai I believe your techniques are mostly related to your use in the sword, So your looking for more perks then jutsu I believe. However I think samurai have some techniques they can learn.
Alright, So this is up for some debate but these are the rules I have observed most people using.

1. If you are equal rank to somebody and have no perks that give you an edge over the other, Then you generally have to roll to see if attacks work/fail. Some instances of this are shown below.
Example of a situation where you roll:
If you and another person of equal rank and perk have a fight, Say the other guy is trying to punch you and you want to dodge, you both get to roll, Highest roll wins! If you win then you dodge, If they win then you have to roleplay getting hit.
Example of a situation you don't have to roll for:
If somebody is behind you and you don't know they are there, Dodging is next to if not completely impossible. Or if the individual has an appropriate perk and you don't have a perk to cancel it out. Or there a higher rank, They wont HAVE to roll to hit you.

2. Turns. Fighting works like this, You both get a turn, Who goes first is whomever initiated the first attack. Or if it's not an attack but a spar or something like that you can decide amongst yourself.
Example of how to decide who goes first:
Guy 1:Hey Guy 2! wanna spar? Guy 2:Sure, Guy 1:(So who goes first?) Guy 2:(Roll for it?)  Guy 1:*rolls a 3* Guy 2: *rolls a 4* Guy 2:(YES! I go first!)
3.Movement. You can move in any direction, But only ONE tile per turn unless you have a perk that states otherwise. Diagonal does count as one but that is arguable amongst some people.

4. Common sense is something you should apply, If you don't have a fast perk and somebody tosses out a technique that covers multiple squares then you probably can't dodge it. If somebody has you held down then OBVIOUSLY you can't dodge. Just think in the scenario "How would this work, Can I get away from this or pull this move off?" If somebody shoots a fireball at you that covers 3x3 (I believe that's every angle you could walk without a speed perk) Then you most likely can't get out of the way unless your not at the center of the attack.
Example of common sense (Like you should need it):
Guy 1:*made his way slowly up behind Guy2, His right hand hidden in his jacket tightly clutching a kunai, Guy 1 seeing his chance would pull the kunai from his coat, thrusting his right hand forward in an attempt to stab Guy 2 in the back*

(Not the best rps but they'll do for now. Guy 1 just walked up on an unsuspecting Guy 2, Assuming Guy 2 does not have a perk that lets him sense or otherwise detect somebody behind him then he obviously can't dodge. So..)

Guy 2: *eye's widened slightly as he felt something digging into his back, causing a sharp pain to run through his body. Guy 2 stumbled forward slightly, letting out a pained cry*

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GUIDE (UNOFFICIAL, Any opinion or help is appreciated.) Empty Re: GUIDE (UNOFFICIAL, Any opinion or help is appreciated.)

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You don't roll dices in fights. Only fodders do that.


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