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Post  Pop on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:56 pm

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IG Name: Isarelle, Gabriel
Age: 15
Location and time zone: United Kingdom, UTC/GMT +1 hour
Applying for: Administrator, Event Creator, Story Writer

Previous experience;
  I haven't had any experience with administration on BYOND games, although I have administrated Minecraft games. Yes, Minecraft games. It was a pretty unknown server, and I think it has gone down now, alas. Before the public release of the server, I helped out with creative building and helped make a majority of their organic structures, such as boats at ports. I won't expand on this, as I don't feel as though this information is actually that useful. lol. But just as excess information anyway: on this server, I was trusted, to the point of which I was permitted to edit any structure to which I saw fit and was given admin permission to.

 What makes you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi staff?
 I've been here for what I feel is a considerable amount of time, or at least enough to make a decent impression on a lot of individuals in the community and also become familiar with the game's concepts. I feel as though I'd be a rather good addition to the administration team, and believe I have a decent amount of potential, mostly consisting of intricate creative abilities. As such, I think I'd be able to swiftly form event concepts and provide them with life quite hastily, resulting in an increase of abrupt roleplay in certain areas to which are lacking it vastly. Locations such as Konohagakure and Kirigakure, where a majority of players spend their time OOCing or bench warming would be put to an absolute minimum, perhaps, when introduced to the events and custom characters I'd have to offer? This'd also, in a way, develop roleplaying scenarios and, in general, help people develop their characters with ease (if they happen to be struggling), and also increase the amount of roleplaying happening on the server as a whole. A simple villain occurring in one of the main hang-out areas would allow for players to collaborate and defeat the villain, in due course, thus forming a roleplaying scenario, easily as well, to add. I, at one point, 'sacrificed' one of my developed characters for the sake of getting rid of Konohagakure's square's monotony temporarily. And from this, I had a large amount of responses, with at least seven to eight people roleplaying at a single time. This is simply evidence for the villain suggestion mentioned, although, I'd like to add the events wouldn't be restricted to only villains. Even things such as natural disasters could be put in motion.

 OOC-wise, I'm fairly active, and I respond occasionally, here and there. I'd be able to help the more newer players and speak with them individually, if so wish it and provide them with my time. I could even go as far as to create guides or develop existing ones for new players. Simple ones, that'd explain the basics of character development, character profile creation and basic html coding (really basic, I can barely code in a song. lol), perk progression, combat and how death operates. Seeing as I am also available, I believe I'd be able to hastily respond to a variety of GM helps, if I'm to receive any. I'd be capable of answering GM helps from around 17:00pm to 21:00pm. On weekends, I stay up slightly later, so it could even possibly even venture forth into the am category- well, I stay up late a lot of the time, albeit I just thought I should give you a definite range, so that my reliability is more solid. Also, a few minutes before 7:15am I can get a few GM answers in, if they're to be asked, so long as they're concise.

How can you help the game reach its full potential?
 There's a lot I can provide the staff with, as a result of my availability. Because of it, I'd be capable of quickly getting rid of daily annoyances, examples as such being  spammers, by effortlessly halting their acts by means of a simple mute. Once I gain enough experience, I'd also be able to help make decisions about specific issues, relating to things such as bugs and a variation of additional things. Although slightly vague, I feel a miniature element of mystery would be a nice touch to my application, for I may have hidden abilities within my grasp that'd prove beneficial for the server at later dates.

 To add, I don't normally play external games, such as LoL, Wushu or any other mmorpg/pvp-based games for that matter, so my complete focus would be on EotS at most of all times (although I do sometimes play Moo Moo, but very rarely, honest).

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state?
 I feel as if the occupation system should be expanded. In the Naruto universe, everybody didn't choose the path of a shinobi, and as such I feel there should be perks to support other professions, not just blacksmiths. By this I mean more non-combat perks. Tailors for example- they should receive a custom perk, as well as a verb to create custom-made clothing. Singers, or performers, could perhaps get a voice perk, or even dance perk, that allows for them to alter their voice, or create distinct dancing styles for specific occasions? An expansion on the voice perk could be used to accurately mimic somebody when disguising oneself, of course, too.

 A list of up-to-date rulings players can come to when in combat situations, so that they don't have to constantly ask administrators about the issue.

 A verb that brings forth a noticeboard administrators can freely edit, so that administrators don't have to go to the trouble to constantly repeat things in narration.

 To allow, or give all characters the option (if they so deserve it) to undergo further expansion. Unique abilities, such as Konan's use of paper, Kidomaru's spider-based abilities, Sai's ink use, Deidara's clay should be granted to average players, and not just administrators or kages. How they'd earn such abilities would be through use of roleplaying rewards; even death rewards could perhaps open up this opportunity. Obviously, things like constant sparring wouldn't really be taken into account, more social things would. Like forming relationships and strengthening current bonds. This'd make it so that even a supposedly useless roleplay that's basically somebody just leaning on a lamppost would be taken into consideration, somewhat.

 And although I haven't created pixel art in a while, I think I'd be able to create some stuff, if need be.


To respond at your earliest convenience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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