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Post  jaconlin on Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:40 pm

So...asking for a log checks doesn't get me much of a response from the Admins. The first time I asked if I could get a check I got a bunch of random letters and then "beep beep." So, I got on the day after, and asked if I could get a check with an appropriate answer. This time, I got back a bunch of random letters and "boop boop." I've been slightly inactive, but I'm getting back on things. All my logs are still there, and I'm sure I have either very close to the needed month, or the needed month. I don't mean I should get what I'm asking for, no way. I just would like some actual answers. I don't know if I'm too far, need to keep working, or even if the Admins are checking my logs because all I get back are...well...aren't even answers.


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