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Post  Essentialmanic on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:11 pm

I was extremely bored that day as always little rp was going on. So I decided to start trolling which was a bad decision. So I used my Mushi dama jutsu on someone just out of the blue. An admin was there and decided to strip me of my jutsu. So I was like ok than seems fair I deserved it. Next than I known the admin than wants to ban me for that. Now that is completely unfair and unnecessary I already had my punishment of having my jutsu stripped. Having to ban me because I was being a nuisance is not a good reason at all. I apologize for being a troll that day I should have not done that. If someone could check my logs EssentialManic1:Aburame, Shinju you would see I am a serious rper. The ban is unfair and the admin has no good reason but that I was a nuisance. I now please ask you to un ban me as I apologize sincerely for my trollish actions but a ban is taking that way to far.
Love, EssentialManic1


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