Mining Incident

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Mining Incident

Post  Atomix on Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:59 am

Alright, so this is how the story goes. I make a trip to the mining site to gather minerals to have more weapons in stock and what not. I mine for about a good hour and a half. My method? Coming back every so often, like after a video I'm watching is finished or a song. Upon returning from a video I was watching, I see an admin message telling me to respond. So of course.. I respond.

The admin in question then goes to say this. Admin whispers you: I posted that question to you 25 minutes ago. So now I'm here REALLY confused.. since well, I know for certain I was not gone for nearly that amount of time. There's evidence to back my claim up since I tested the AFK Proc with a timer, it kicks at twenty minutes. So the alleged time is a bit off the mark. Apparently, this is me speaking to a HA, by the way. Eventually I argue my case since there isn't any policy about coming back every so often to make sure that AFK Timer doesn't kick in. The response?

Admin whispers you: I expect you to be here actively. Not at half hour intervals. <--- Which is far from the truth since I was not gone for nearly that much time. And on that note, that makes me question the system. Why have the mining be automated if you expect the person to sit there watching the screen? If you don't mean that, well then I was somewhat active to make sure my character avoided the afk tag. Now at this point, I have no idea how many minerals I would have had, but I can easily just go count them up.

I'd like it if the administrator came here to defend their case. Edit: I checked. I'm owed about 170 minerals. To all that read this, don't laugh. It took hours to gain this much. On a side note, I was given negative karma for doing something not even against the rules.


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