Double Whammy

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Double Whammy

Post  Zevion on Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:26 am

Delayed response but whatever. Both player and admin abuse, will keep it short and sweet. Player initiates fight RP, starts godmodding, I overplay to compensate for godmod while GM helping multiple times that godmod is taking place. Crazah appears, I post logs, he says roll for it because "I don't feel like reading". Godmod continues, I continue overplaying to compensate. Another admin appears, sees more apparent godmod and doesn't say anything, yet when I overplay I'm suddenly the bad guy. Ultimately my character is deemed dead by the team when they clearly haven't read through the situation, ignoring the fact the opponent godmodded from the beginning yet made an effort to constantly point out that I was overplaying to compensate. I bash admins on their inability to make logical decisions and the more than likely bias/favoritism, and get banned.

Just saying it how it is. There was no legitimacy behind the situation despite the one-sided verdict. Why am I even bringing this up to the same people who thought it was apparently a sound decision to make the judgment they did? Good question, but I just want to be unbanned. Maybe a death reward too for the bullshit. Yes, bullshit, from both the player and admin ends.


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