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Your Information
Name/Screenname: Taname, Erza
Key [?]:Avainer1
Location/Timezome: Australian/Australia
Position Applying:Programmer/Coder
[Seems that I can't link stuff due to making a new forum account, remove the spaces between http and the :// when copy/pasting links..
Game Development Experiences
Game Name:Bleach Last Horizon
Theme Of Game:Roleplay

Game Name:Bleach Way of the soul
Theme: Roleplay

Game Name: Bleach Odyssey Roleplay
URL:http    ://

Game Name: Kingdom Hearts Exodus

I can reference/show more. There is a number of uncompleted projects due to lack of art.

Freehand Questions
What made you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi Team? (2 Paragraphs)
    I love roleplaying and do it often. Programming joins the table as another passion of mine. I roleplay actively and enjoy it, Era offers great roleplay that might sometimes be lacking; yet often not. Most roleplay games fail to capture my attention, Era was one of the few that have as they use a system that forces people to work for their things and promotes slow progress and also forces people in character development and other interactions with people/teachers.
    Another reason why I wish to work for Era is due to me seeing the true potential of the game. The art is amazing, the community is active. I heard that the game lacked a programmer and thus wishes to apply and try out my luck. I've been involved in various projects in the past and can tell if a project will 'die' or keep on living and expanding. Era fits into the second category.

How can you help this game reach it's full potential?(2 Paragraphs)

    I have worked on over thirty projects in the past. I've met design geniuses, I've worked with amazingly talented programmers and thrived to improved over my time as a programmer. I can offer my experience on a platter, and my ability to reach, nearly, the full potential of the DM language to help the game not only improve on certain aspects but also have the best possible system it can have.

  For example, something that I really dislike about the game is the light system at night. It pisses me off, it's handled in a bad way and makes it hard to find RP unless you have a torch, where you might still miss out on a couple of people. It's not the best it can be, it's a number of boxes with different alpha variable. I can change tiny aspects like that and bring them to their best form.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state (1 Paragraph)

    To be honest, I don't find myself as an 'idea' person. I tend to get the ideas from the game designer/owner or whatever you wish to call them and bring them to action. However, I might have a couple of ideas. One is stated above, perfect the lighting system. Another would be to add minigames such as chess, card games and extra stuff that add onto RP.


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