Re-Imagined Mission System (No Codding Necessary)

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Re-Imagined Mission System (No Codding Necessary) Empty Re-Imagined Mission System (No Codding Necessary)

Post  Yuir1618 on Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:42 am


I am an absolute fan of Era of the Shinobi. I enjoy the art style, the RP structure and I admire the work of the staff. However, I sincerely must confess myself as not really being a fan of the community (with which I grow many tensions and quarrels). Despite of it, the ideas I present in this topic are in no manner related to my personal feelings regarding the playerbase, being a mere product of a personal initiative to improve mine and other's experience in Era of the Shinobi.

The Re-Imagined Mission System

First, we must adress what are the current traits of the mission system so that we make a rational conclusion about which changes should be taken:

Pros of today's system:
- It requires small effort or specially creative strategies from players to execute missions in general.
- It works as a mere Give-Receive Log-Pay System for the Mission Giver (Village Authorities).

Cons of today's system:
- Village Authorities have no necessity at all to give missions to player squads. It's a process that requires time, it's mostly mechanized and not entertaining. It's a mere burden for the village authorities, which will tend to priorize other actions, such as their own training, wars, etc. The result of this is that villages (Not mentioning names) may spend even a week without the players receiving missions (which is of course, very important for progression and acquiring funds). Even if "negligent" village authorities were punished for acting in such manner, the problem could simply continue due to the position of unecessary burden that the mission system is for the village in general.

- The missions tend to be mostly the same, be roleplayed the same and not ever having any sort of special traits going on for them. Per example, gathering pestulent weed away form the crops: Wouldn't it be more rational to search for the source of the pestulent weed instead of collecting it everyday?

- The mission system works in a separate layer from the whole village interface. Which reinforces the phenomenon explained in the item 1. 180x = 4000
My propositions:

- First thing that has to be done is to relate Village Assets (which are used generally for war and other actions. They consist on: Money, Elemental Affinity Tests, Tournament Prizes and more) and the actual mission system, giving an incentive for village authorities to at least give away missions. My suggestion for this topic is:
* For each mission reported accomplished to the admins (which according to the progression guide are made "aware of"), the village authorities receive 4x (Or 6x or 8x) the total payment they gave the 3 or 4 men squad that took on accomplishing it and have their jounins earn the right to "make" elemental affinity papers with a quantity equal to the number of shinobi that took on the mission. That manner, for every ninja to have the right for receiving an elemental affinity paper, they'd just have to execute a mission for the village. Which would, of course, solve also one of the problems existing in the game between admins and "council members" regarding to lack of objective regulation related to Affinity Tests given by Village Authorities.
*Have a limit payment for each given mission according to their ranks, multiplying it by 3x or 2,5x for every increased rank.
(These multipliers were deduced after taking the average mission reward for a D rank to be 20 Ryos and the Bounty Reward for a dead demon being 4000 Ryos. By utilizing those numbers, you can also aim at reducing the current monetary gap existing in the game, where bounties have out of the charts rewards and missions tend to have small ones. For them to be changed, I'd suggest dividing the current bounty rewards by 2. By the current standard, it'd take around 22 D Rank missions (Executed by 3 men squads) for a village to earn the equivalent to a slayed demon bounty)

- After reading Number 1, it becomes evident that a problem appears: what if village authorities merely gave missions (which frankly, would already be a huge improvement from the original system!) desiring it to end as fast and simple as possible so they could earn their village assets, which would of course compromise RP quality? There is a simple manner to reduce that issue that can also open a huge area of possibilities for the game itself to be improved: Mission Storylines.
* Every Storyline would consist in a 3 to 4 executions of the same mission scroll (such as "Weed Picking") which would require players and village authorities to actually make a coherent and dynamic side-story related to each executed mission in that scroll during a Storyline and Admins would also have to be made aware of (such as they are about missions) when those are finished. Per example:
In the first execution of the scroll "Pestulent Weed Picking", It'd be OOC required by the editor village authority to also include a paragraph REQUIRING for the players to also investigate the source of the problem threatening the crops besides only cleaning it - which would certainly require time and thought from the roleplayers, delaying any possible mission spam to build up village assets by the authorities and rewarding specially creative players (since those could make interesting stories faster). After that mission scroll is first retrieved with the collecting/investigation accomplished, the squad would also report to the village authority that they've discovered giant feces in the middle of the crops, which seem to be enriching the soil specially for the pestulent weed to grow; information that'd be Icly written into the scroll as a "Camp Report". In the second time the scroll would be given, it'd be required OOC for the same or a different team to clean the crops and aswell as searching for any possible animal that had been "spreading" his feces around the crops, which they'd roleplay finding out it is a giant boar, reporting the discovery as a "Camp Report" for the mission scroll and having the village authority OOCly preparing the scroll for a next team that'd receive such scroll to actually "get rid of the giant boar", either killing it or just making it go away far from the village (there are other possibilities, though). After that conclusion third mission has been accomplished, the village could report that a Storyline was finished, which would give them 1500 Ryos (For a D Rank Storyline finished) to 15000 (For a S Rank, multiplying the reward by 2 for each increased rank in the storyline). After that, the scroll could either be changed to something completely different, such as "Animal Plagues Removel, Coast Cleanse, etc" or just re-start itself as a Weed Picking storyline, however, ending in a completely different outcome.

*This system opens more possibilities for RP in Progress Logs (which take missions as a serious deal), serves as a possibility to stop villages from spamming bad quality accomplished missions and mostly, creates a Mission/Storyline Accomplished Ratio, which could never be that different from 1/3 or 1/4, making it easier for Admins to regulate and stop malicious actions from village authorities and the overall lazyness of the player base.

Reminder: I'm still taking the 20 Ryos-6000 Ryos as the monetary standard of the game. Those reward values could be changed as the admins see fit.

*Also, a daily limit for accomplished missions by villages could also be implemented to stop spamming or just having more crowded villages becoming vastly wealthier than less crowdy ones, if the Admins consider it fit. Frankly, it's still far from our reality where missions are generally scarce, so I avoided commenting about it.

My system serves as a suggestion for not only creating a reason for Village Authorities to give missions to their shinobi aswell as connecting the actual amount of mission RP to the wealth/power capacity of a village, which is a reality in Naruto. I'd really love to have my suggestion commented, at least to know that I've not wasted my time as a no-lifer trying to have my nerdy afternoons cleaned of AFK people and OOC discussions. If at least the first proposition was implemented, I'd already be happy. However, I know you guys have other things to do.  pirat 

Thanks for the opportunity and Yahhr, ninjas!

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Re-Imagined Mission System (No Codding Necessary) Empty Re: Re-Imagined Mission System (No Codding Necessary)

Post  Yuir1618 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:42 am


- What is a village already gathered enough assets to do not need to go on missions for a long period of time? Creating a "Boom" and "Bust" cycle in the mission system? (As I proved before, it'd be necessary to accomplish at least 22 D Rank Missions accomplished by 3 men squads for a Village to earn the amount of money equivalent to the bounty of a demon, WITHOUT counting with storyline rewards. Which is already an evolution from the current standard (where missions have no incentive to be given away). However, I must confirm that this is a solid objection to the plan, that although serves as an improvement, may not solve the problems with the mission system in the long term. So, how could the problem be handled in the long term?)

*As I said before, the Naruto manga establishes a direct relation between missions and a village's power, such as seem in the Konoha's Invasion Arc in the late parts of the Chunnin Shiken, when the fact that clients in the Wind Nation were giving missions to Konoha instead of Suna was a major issue for the village's authority and power. In our cases, since village assets = missions = RP with cohesive storylines, the only possible solution for the system to do not fall into cycles (which although bad, is still better than the current system) would be with the actual implementation of more village asset to be Icly bought by villages or just a 2-weeks payment necessary for the maintenance of the village infraestructure that'd be given by the admins. I suggest it to be a minimum of 3000 Ryos so it can keep the accounting standard of the Bounty - D Rank Reward. For that to be paid, a village would have to at least hand the minimum of 11 D rank missions to 3 men squads, which would as a maximum benefit 33 players; a small number that however compromises all the major villages' actual active and capable roleplayerbase.
Verdict: Pros and Cons of the New System

*It is more close to the base material because it actually attempts at connecting the mission execution with the actual wealth of a village. And throug
*Solves the issue with "no incentive to give missions at all" that plagues the playerbase.
*It promotes creative RP through the Storyline system in order to protect the system from spamming aswell. And through the wealth-mission-storylines-RP relation, creates a direct connection between the amount of RP invested into world interaction with the actual wealth of a village.

*Creates a long term issue due to mission cycles. Which although an improvement from the actual problem, it's still an issue if not fought against with regular half-monthly Ryo payments from the Kages.
*Requires a few more work from the admins (since they'd have to not only be made aware of missions accomplished as they currently are) because they'd have to properly reward the villages with Ryos for the storyline/missions accomplished and after two weeks, require a regular payment for infraestructure from the village authorities in general. For this issue to be radically diminished, there are solutions aswell that do not compete to be explained in this topic, however;


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