War on Chakra: The Anarchist Sub-Plot (No Codding Necessary)

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War on Chakra: The Anarchist Sub-Plot (No Codding Necessary) Empty War on Chakra: The Anarchist Sub-Plot (No Codding Necessary)

Post  Yuir1618 on Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:12 pm


I am an absolute fan of Era of the Shinobi. I enjoy the art style, the RP structure and I admire the work of the staff. However, I sincerely must confess myself as not really being a fan of the community (with which I grow many tensions and quarrels). Despite of it, the ideas I present in this topic are in no manner related to my personal feelings regarding the playerbase, being a mere product of a personal initiative to improve mine and other's experience in Era of the Shinobi.
For this topic: I am aware that terrorist attacks are a reality since the recently explosive attacks. I believe it was the product of a verbed suggestion in-game that, however, could not fully explain the premisse due to space restraints.
The Anarchist Cause: For the End of Chakra and Villages


- Have once in a period of one or two weeks an actual event surrounding the attack of a criminal syndicate against key points of a village: Such as important sights (Example: Konoha's Memorial), village assets (Example: Academy, Walls, Clan Homes, the Kage's Mansion, etc.), village necessities (poisoning water sources, burning down forests, opening flood-gates, etc;) and perhaps figures of authority, such as the kidnapping (Deaths should be avoided since they're neither the purpose of any events nor give Icly benefits to the Anarchist Syndicate) of council members and more.

These attacks, differently from normal events, do not roam around fighting:

*To detect explosives, sensory skills would be essential; and to seal them, basic Fuuijutsu or high tier Weapon Knowledge would've to be used - if not possible, large scale defensive ninjutsu would have to be applied in order to reduce the damage radius. Attacks would eventually end (even if some bombs manage to be defused) in medical emergencies, repair missions from Genin Squads (which would also be greatly beneffited by an item below) and, of course, an opportunity to perhaps retrieve village authorities without the payment of absurd ransoms by Scouting teams.

*A REQUIRED Mission Context would be opened: D and C Rank Missions would be given for the sake of not only repairing village damage but also dealing with smaller attacks (Which would be merely contextual, not requiring an EVENT to actually happen) from the Anarchist Syndicate, such as: "Plague breeding and spreading around a village's crop", wall-cleaning due to vandalism, depredation of public property such as signs and statues, etc.
These are actually REQUIRED as missions to be handed by the authorities because it'd simply unrealistic to just let the whole village have its property destroyed. Missions are very important for development of early ninjas and whatever could be done to get those receiving them must be done.

Later written.


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