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Admin / Player Relations

Post  zeekyamato on Tue May 20, 2014 2:35 pm

-First And Foremost a Brief Explanation-

I'm by no means a perfect player nor have I been a perfect admin on other games in the past, but theirs a severe issue between how admins handle their job regardless of what they think of the situations.  Mark me if I'm wrong but the point of an Admin is to help players that need help whenever they need help as best they can, we all know admins have lives and want play the game too, but theirs a point when theirs five of them online and all five of them ignore you, regardless of the difficulty of the issue presented.

Anyways it's clear that based on how Admins reacted last night to an issue that they flat out ignore players and let issues build up to the point they complain about too much work.  I'll use Zeus...or...zerox...I don't even remember, Anyways this fellow came on, their were at least 4 admin on duty,he was black screened and left out of the Time Skip for easily 4 days, (In note I was waiting 5-6 days for my request and ignored every day for it rather than told 'No, or Helped' in general), This guy states on OOC that he's black screened and in need of a TS since he's been ignored right?... any normal person who isn't being lazy or unhelpful would of said something, OH WAIT I DID... On an ooc reply I stated that you're gonna have trouble finding an admin, they been ignoring people all day.  Either way your issue is more severe than mine so go ahead and GM Help them, I'm sure someone will come shortly!  

On any other game an admin would jump to help someone who's affected by this kinda bug and in need of their character situated for the rp they were planning or wanted to do....EOTS admin?....Ignored him for at least 3-5 minutes.  So everyones already pissed that admins have been ignoring them, one of them was sitting in konoha square doing NOTHING while he was saying he had a blackscreen issue....they were their....staying on at least long enough not to trip the afk tag.  Anyways so this nublet resorts to spamming to get attention 'I NEED AN ADMIN' over and over again, he gets muted by one admin, that admin probably also made the remark 'I'll give you a chance to apologize to me for spamming my chat before I help you'  But right after another admin banned them on the spot.....

I know what you're thinking, someone took the wrong chain their...if someone causes a disruption the order of punishment should have been 'mute' 'boot' 'ban', but not on EOTS....=3=  I'll also make this a ban appeal, seeing as right after he got banned those 4 admin were suddenly free to chat on ooc and comment about this... This obviously infuriated me to the point I started calling them out on their bullshit just like I did last Time Skip when I was blatantly being ignored rather than dealt with swiftly and efficiently, this not only caused me stress but them stress, and spreads the frustration around in such an unnecessary way...  They caused that Z named kid to flip out by ignoring him, he wasn't even able to play because of being black screened, hardly fair that he gets banned because admins don't care enough about being admin to help people, especially ones that NEED it to play....

-My Suggestions-

  1. New Admin Team That Isn't Lazy
  2. New Admin Rules
  3. A Form Based GM Help Where Requests Can Be Organized and Dealt With In a Reliable Manner: Aka Admin replies [Approved] [Completed] [Denied]...etc
  4. Or Fix GM Help So That It's More Organized, With A Link At The Front That The Admin Helping Clicks, Link Changes To [Being Worked] With a List of Who's Helping Said Person, And When Finished It Turns to Complete or something along those lines....


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