Seven - Abusive Mute, Lying to Playerbase

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Seven - Abusive Mute, Lying to Playerbase

Post  Vartio on Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:08 pm

-[b/Summary[/b]: I ask Seven to make a fairly simple ruling, Seven gets pissy, assaults me -again- for asking for jutsu (I'm not, my A-Help was (summarized): "Seven, at ~75 RPs into training on my fan, how strong are the gusts on my fan at each moon? What sort of force/lifting power/wind speed do they have? And B: What Moon do I need to use Kaze Dangan? Can I use it at less/more moon(s)? If so, how strong is Dangan then?")

Logged hijynx ensued.


Exhibit one: Logs of the Debate.
#7: im going to ignore ur gm help cuz u ignored what I told u 2 days ago
Katoma: >Finds it funny they didn't loldodge that
Katoma: O-o Uh What?
WalkingSD: Or just used like . . strategy.
WalkingSD: And I got lucky that the shukaku couldn't sand burial me, even tho she tried like 6x times
Katoma: You've been vague as hell with this crap Smiley, I'm basically running in the dark
Katoma: O_O LOL
#7: how I been explaining you this shit for 2 days now.
Katoma: O-o You've only told me "HARD WORK AND EFFORT TO GET NEW JUTSU"
#7: and yet nothing has sink 2 u
Katoma: You ain't explained Dangan in full yet
#7: I said TIME
#7: TIME
Katoma: Or how the fan works in full
#7: TIME
#7: ok
Katoma: I'm HALF asleep
#7: flipo
Katoma: I mixed up the damn words a bit
Katoma: I have put in a fuckton of effort, so let's not go there. The A-Help is about making sure I don't overplay my shit
Katoma: That A-Help wasn't about learning jutsu, it was confirming my current skill level and what I could do with my fan/jutsu. Jeezus woman, you freaking needa get your panties outta cameltoe.
#7: no but I been saying the same time over and over to u about the same damn question
Katoma: And this is an entirely different one.

Katoma: So you're either assuming like a blonde (sorry if you are) or you're going blind
#7: k gl with jutsus
Katoma: ...
Katoma: The hell seven. Alright, if someone complains that I overplay my shit? I'ma say "Sorry, Seven bitched about me asking to learn jutsu when I asked her how strong my shit gets"
Katoma: or rather, Is
#7: then u verb if he disagrees
Bio-Fire: hay, how i use fishing rod?
#7: equip it
#7: and click on the splashing water
Bio-Fire: orite, thanks.
Katoma: >Verb if he disagrees // It's your own rule that nobody should ever need to verb in this game, ever. You and Crazah's.
#7: if shit takes too long
#7: admin will just say verb
Katoma: >If shit takes too long // This is why Admins exist to rule on things like this so that issues don't arise in the future
Katoma: Don't go damn lazy
Katoma: Hell, I'll freaking make a topic for rulings on all this crap.
#7: then do be so damn godmoddy
#7: and stop actting like your the only player playing
Katoma: >Don't be so godmoddy" And if I ain't? What if it's a case of they simply bitch over a jutsu's normal strength to force verb like Xerif does every day on Tiria?
#7: we'll have some conflicts were both r right and have no proof to prove which is right
Katoma: Then you make a ruling for the long term, have a topic up on the forums to specify that instance as a standard ruling
#7: it's just like topics about superhero vs superhero
#7: the topic can go on for years
#7: to mkae things short
Katoma: If they don't agree, they'll respect the ruling, and aim to overturn it with new/better evidence in the future.
#7: we're rely on the stats
#7: Done
#7: enough
Katoma: >We'll rely on the stats // On a game Crazah said nobody should verb, ever, -ever-
Katoma: On a game where the rule is both sides -need- to agree
Katoma: Do you LIKE bending the rules for your own purposes?
#7: just far form "nobody should verb, ever,-ever-" Vartio stop putting words in ppl's mouths
Katoma: Crazah said it clear as day: you literally ccan go the whole wipe without verbing once, just never agree with verb.
#7: yes
#7: cuz u see attacking ppl and telling them to verb me
#7: smfh
Katoma: ...*Has mind blown* What you said had 0 grammatical sense.
#7: obv it won't make sense to you, cuz u don't listen lol
Katoma: I listen, I read that in 3 different ways, there's definitely a key few words missing that can make that make sense.
#7: lol I sed cuz you see me attaching ppl and telling them to verb me.
#7: attacking*
Katoma: "cause you see attacking people and tell them to verb me." <-- Logically makes no sense. Why order people to verb you who are already attacking you? Unless you mean pure RP attacking, but hell, you implying I'd tell anyone to verb is flat out insult
Katoma: insulting*
Katoma: I -hate- Verb and prefer it as purely optional
#7: then play one of those other naruto rips that has the only option is pure rp
Katoma: Problem: for all rights this is pure RP unless you choose otherwise. So, I see no issue here other than a crappy HA/Owner who is pissy cause she is too stupid to rule on something so simply as "How strong is a Fan's Winds/What is a Fan's Lifting str
Katoma: strength" and "What Moon does Kaze Dangan work under" and "What strength does it have per moon"
Katoma: you = the player, not the admins
#7: lol didn't we go throught this?
Katoma: If you can't make simple rulings like that, that have no arguments on a comparitive per shinobi basis (at least considering I asked in advance on my rank (Rookie Genin)
#7: Didn't Ryu answer this question to your tiny little ass brain?
Katoma: No O-o
Katoma: He didn't
#7: and you continued to ask another admin
#7: trying to get another answer
#7: yes he did
#7: so stick with it
Katoma: No, he didn't.
#7: god ur stupid
Katoma has been muted!

Bio-Fire: Seven, how do progression go along? Like, when will I be able to shed Rookie Genin?
Latoma has been muted!
#7: I'll whisper to u
Bio-Fire: Alright, thanks.
You are muted.

Key points worth mentioning in this log have been bolded and underlined.

The first bolded section makes it clear Seven's head was stuck in my asking for jutsu a few times. Which I ended up ceasing after a while (namely the so-specified two days ago). It clarifies that Seven neither cares nor attempted to try to read the Admin-Help. And when he did, the log shows him driving the topic everywhere except where it matters: into driving this game into the dirt by forcing PVP.

The last bolded section, brings me up to my second piece of evidence: Ryu's testimony. Now, I say now: Ryu and I don't always get along, and personally, I don't like him on admin team, but god damn it I know when to swallow my pride and ask for help from those I don't get along with.

So, what did Ryu say? That's Exhibit two!

Exhibit Two
[1:47:55 PM] Vartio Artel: So where does Seven get the idea you literally told me everything about my fan/dangan?
[1:49:04 PM] Aizen Sosuke: fucked if i know.
[1:49:16 PM] Aizen Sosuke: pretty sure i didn't tell you... anything.
[1:49:23 PM] Aizen Sosuke: i mean, it's a giant fan.
[1:49:26 PM] Aizen Sosuke: kind of speaks for itself.
[1:49:34 PM] Vartio Artel: You simply said Gusts and Simple hover/flight, right?
[1:49:51 PM] Aizen Sosuke: yea. but you seem to have acquired kaze dangan, which is fine by me.
[1:50:20 PM] Vartio Artel: Woulda preferred Reppudan but a bit too later for that unless it's a 2nd jutsu. Going straight to intense cutting winds is a bit too much imho.
[1:50:26 PM] Vartio Artel: But the reason I ask?
[1:50:58 PM] Vartio Artel: *Snip of Log from above here*
[1:51:03 PM] Vartio Artel: This is only a small clipping of an argument with Seven
[1:51:10 PM] Vartio Artel: Lemme summarize the key point
[1:51:26 PM] Vartio Artel: *Snip of Log from above here*
[1:52:22 PM] Vartio Artel: >_> See why I'm asking you? She tried to pass blame off on you lol.
[1:52:58 PM] Aizen Sosuke: ok.
[1:53:12 PM] Aizen Sosuke: so do you wnat me to tell at her, or do you want me to do something involving the fan?
[1:53:15 PM] Vartio Artel: Nah
[1:53:20 PM] Vartio Artel: I'ma for now take it to Crazah
[1:53:23 PM] Vartio Artel: Make a complaint topic
[1:53:28 PM] Vartio Artel: Provide logs and shit.

Doubt that's Ryu? Doubt he actually said he taught me basically NOTHING?

Sure looks like his MSN/Skype merged account.

Exhibit 3

Yet again, I provide picture evidence, of exactly what Ryu DID tell me. After the shown screenie, confirmable if you check my logs, you'd find out he only told me "No, you don't have reppudan". So No Seven, no retreating to that.

I wish to summarize this as Seven being completely unreasonable, illogical, lying to her players in their faces, and abusive with his mute verb for being flat out wrong.


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