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Post  Xzerx on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:13 am

Name/Screen Name: Daegon, Naomasa (Main Char)
Key [?]: Xzerx, Vorack (Main Keys)
Age: 18
Location/Timezome: Michigan (EST)
Position Applying: Moderator / Anything Else Needed

In-Game Staff Experiences

Game Names: The Ninja RPG, Shinobi Chronicles, Shinobi Story Online (KO’s), Shinobi Story Online (Hereiam’s), Shinobi: Illusions of Grandeur, Ninja Nindo Roleplay, Shinobi Era’s, Etc Etc

Theme Of Games: Naruto + Expanded Universe

What made you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi Team?

Well I’ve been playing on this server for a while now and I am familiar with the current staffing team as well as trust most of them to do what’s necessary to guide this game to where it needs to go. Furthermore I noticed that a large majority of the team is well known for being impartial and fair in terms of player relations and that too is something I’d like to be a part of. All in all I like where this game is going and I’d like to help accelerate its process by offering my time and skill sets in order to help it reach its designated potential.

I also firmly believe that with the right amount of dedication and ambition from the staff that this game could easily take the throne among the BYOND Naruto RP games. It just needs people willing to spend the time and effort required to allow it to do so. That is why I’d like offer my services to the EoTS Staffing Team.

How can you help this game reach its full potential?

Well, I’ll help maintain the game along with the rest of the staff. I’ll help wherever is needed whether it be by watching over OOC, dealing with player disputes, donating pixel art or writing up events for the server. I’ll just do what I can to assure that this game has everything it needs to create a stable while ever improving roleplaying environment for the players and staff alike.

I’d also help find innovative ways to improve upon the game and it’s Playerbase. Whether this be through spreading news of the server for new players or by helping the current players with things they may need assistance with. I hope EoTS can do everything SSO hoped too by not making the same mistakes it did, I’d like to help make sure that happens.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state?

Well player relations could use some work since a lot of the players are frequently confused about certain things and I think it’d be wise to work on a FAQ of sorts for those unfamiliar with the game to review. Perhaps smaller events could be executed from time to help stimulate small group Roleplay so players can have fun without it becoming a flock fest. Oh, I’d also do some iconning here and there if needed since I have some experience in pixel art.

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