Why Can't I get my rank switched to the correct level.

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Why Can't I get my rank switched to the correct level.

Post  Fuzen_ on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:09 pm

I created my character at the beginning of the game. Anyone that created during that point and time obtained auto-genin. I was one of those people. Having that character since then I went through several updates, but the first caused my character & key to be lost over and over while I tried to reclaim my character.

Admins told me to remake on another key and Fuzen Aburame(my character) would be restored for the TS. I remade the character on to my new account. During the first TS, I was restored but not to the full of everything. I was suppose to gain veteran genin since I was already a genin at the beginning of the game. I'm only asking can I get it switch because I'm not looking forward to the 2 year TS and I get the rank lower than what I'm suppose to have. Having an Admin say, "It says you're a rookie genin, not veteran so you get etc..." or try to say, "You're trying to get a free rank up, lying to me.." I've been through that during SSO and I was hoping EotS was more than that.

I didn't do anything wrong since the game has been up. I'm just asking for it to be changed to the rightful level of rank. Thank you for your time, guys.


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