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Iocamus' Story Admin Application Empty Iocamus' Story Admin Application

Post  iocamus on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:32 pm


In-Game Staff Experiences
Game Name: Shinobi Story Online
Theme Of Game: PvRP
Game's URL:

Game Name: Builders Fantasy
Theme Of Game: Sandbox
Game's URL:


Freehand Questions
What made you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi Team?

What made me want to offer my services would definitely be the free time I have now, and the motivation to help out in any means necessary. I'm capable of writing short-stories or events to help stimulate RP, and provide an entertaining way to pass time and encourage RP within the game. I'm also an un-biased moderator, and can help resolve conflicts with relative ease, but that's not entirely what I was aiming for. My services would likely narrow down to story/event writing as my time is slightly limited to be a full time moderator.

How can you help this game reach it's full potential?

By writing entertaining stories/events to initiate and promote RP.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state?

Having me as a story/event writer Very Happy



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