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Post  Vartio on Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:44 am

Here's a good list of new sensory jutsu, and a way to make each one fairly unique. Including Kagura SHingan, which should be counted as a sort of Kekkei Genkai approved by admins to specific players (and kept by current sensors).

Update to All: Allows one to sense their own chakra on the sense tab.

Hearing Technique: lets you see invisible characters as a blue base when they're walking if within 3 range, 10 if running, ranges extending up to 10 for walk and 20 for run depending on hearing perks, complete with hearing tab.

Smelling technique: Same as above, but shows only Blue-bases and they appear roughly .3 seconds later. (Lets you view profiles at proper smell perk as a SENSOR Profession due to the Scent Jutsu used by Inuzukas). Range dependant on smell perks.

Contact Sensory: Deploys small overlays that can't be seen through right clicking. These overlays will alert you if someone's on their tiles, invisible or not.

Chakra Sensing Technique: Same as two above, but current, does not let you view profile, and covers a range based on perks on sense tab. Based on Sensory Perk(s)

Kagura Shingan: Akin to how there's a 2-square "light" when you walk around in midnight maps, you have a full-screen light at all times for personal use only. In addition you can see all chakras within a set distance on the map based on perk (at Sixth Sense perk, it reaches up to the next map, and on maps with buildings, it lists inside). (Lets you view profiles at proper perk). At "Trained" perk a "Spectate" Verb to those applicable. (Can be hidden from or hide from others sans hearing/sound/contact types, with a jutsu linked to this as of Trained Sensor perk)

Byakugan: Same as Kagura Shingan, but limited view in night. At a high perk, allows a "Spectate" Verb to those who are senseable.

Sharingan: Same as Chakra Sensing, but limited to only in front of you in a cone-shape line of sight including in it's "Sharingan Sense" tab. Lets you view profiles of invisible characters. Shows you everything in a cone-shape in front of you in light as though you control a cone-based torch at night.

Rinnegan: Same as Sharingan but covers whole screen map

For Byakugan/Shingan/High Grade Sharingan/Rinnegan: are capable of detecting fuuinjutsu specially (will list a "Condition: Fuuin" next to a character's name on tab) or if they have an object of powerful chakra (IE: "Condition: Mysterious Item")

Note: Perks related to Sensing current would apply to "Chakra Sensing Technique" in effect.

Suggested Perk(s)/Relatives For Kagura Shingan
-Feint Sensing Perk/Shingan Novice: The user is only capable of reading chakra signals up to a screen length away, reflected by code. They cannot distinguish people yet.

-Acute Sensing Perk/Shingan Rookie: The user can sense up to current Mastered (Max lvl) Kagura Shingan, in addition they can make out specific identities (view profiles). Genin Level usually. They can make out clearly the shape of all terrain up to 120 feet (roughly 20 squares) away. Different Chakra types distinguishable.

-Trained Sensing/Shingan Veteran: These Shinobi can sense the difference between Human and Kage Bunshin. They can sense up to 600 feet distance away (100 squares). They can also block their chakra from being sensed from a distance however have trouble blotting it out entirely, but lose the ability to properly mold chakra beyond a D-Rank jutsu level.

-Sixth Sense/Shingan Master: These Shinobi have reached the peak of Kagura Shingan. They can sense everything around them with no issue, and even into areas beyond the distance of a village (up to next map away). Their technique is so refined they can distinguish everyone and everything with chakra in the area, as long as it hasn't been skillfully hidden. Users at this level are able to hide their chakra entirely, but cannot use jutsu in doing so. Through fluctuations in their opponent's chakra, they can read their opponent's emotions, effectively acting as a lie detector.

Difficulty to code: Variant, I'm fairly certain a competent coder can do it easily.


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