Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

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Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

Post  Kanatashu on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:11 am

"(*Aburame, Jiar glares at Ikeda, Kairi. The veins in his eyes continue to bulge as more stress is applied to his mind. His thoughts continue to descend into visions of madness, him being ridiculed by a circle of villagers standing around him. These dark images touched on the part of his young fractured heart that was scarred. When the pressure of the case was thrown ontop the former orphan his physce began to snap.

If Nara, Niahgi attempted to move out of the bug barrier the kekeichuu would immediatly descend upon him. Although Jiar thought of the boy as a friend and genuinely cared for him in his fractured state the thought of concern that he would run away or alert a guard would cause the insects to react with extreme measures. Therefor as long as the boy remained still within the five foot radius the insects would simply swarm around him, almost appearing to churn in on themselves.

Meanwhile Jiar began to press his hands together, angling the kunai downward. "Ram, Boar, Ox, Dog" he thought to himself as he weaved the handsigns. All the while he would continue to offer the girl an escape. Albeit this offer was more of a possessed chant "Tell me you'll make it stop...Tell me you'll make it stop" he repeated over and over while drawing closer.*)"

"(*Ikeda, Kairi trembles where she stood, her left arm coming out of the sling of her right. It falls limply to her side, hanging there, fingers flat, like a knife. "I-.. I can make it stop," she stammers, "I can make it stop! - - .. please don't hurt me!"*)"

"(*Aburame, Jiar hands align to form the last seal "Snake". As a result the aburame boy would transmit an invisible veil of chi to a nearby rotted log of wood, caught up in a clog of discarded hoodies and clothing. When he heard Ikeda Kairi's words he would pause for just a moment, transitioning the kunai from his left to right hand. "You will make this go away?" he asked his glare at the teenager only intensifying. As more and more time went on his blood pressure would only rise causing on the blood vessels in his eyes to come close to rupturing. The sight would be a reflection of just how stressed the child had become from the ordeal.*)"
^^Actual activation starting the counter.

(*Ikeda, Kairi nods frantically, but her trembling had only increased. Her mouth agap, and eyes wide. "Y-.. yes," she stammers in agreement, "I-.. I can make this go away. P-.. please don't hurt me, please!"*)

(*Aburame, Jiar glared at the teenager for a moment. However afterwards he would appear to relax and look at the ground beneathe him.*) (round 1)

(*Ikeda, Kairi was far too gone to speak, she clenches her eyes shut and tries not to imagine the situation anymore.*)

(*Aburame, Jiar walks directly towards Ikeda, Kairi. He had a slow and methodical strike arriving in pace. Once he stood about two feet from her he would come to a complete stop. His right hand still held a kunai however his left arm was now outstretched, clearly signalling for a hug.*) (round 2)

(*Ikeda, Kairi stands limply in the middle of the alleyway, her left arm by her side. She has her eyes shut tight, unaware of Jiar infront of her.*)

(*Aburame, Jiar the ten year old once again tried to reason with the older girl. Although she appeared frozen with fear he would reach out to try and hug her. "Please keep your word and put and end to this" he asked while releasing his grip. After doing so the insects that swarmed around Niahgi began to fly into the air, making a crescent formation. The very tip of the design struck his body first, pouring back onto his skin and into the depths of his flesh. After this he would shove the kunai back into it's holder and return his gaze to Ikeda continuing his speech.*) (Round 3)

(*Ikeda, Kairi snaps. The second he touches her she reacts, her left knife-like hand crackles with electricity shaping itself into the same shape as her hand. With her eyes clenched shut, she shoots her hand forwards, taking Jiar in the chest as he tries to wrap his hands around her.*) (Attack which is made on round 3 rp)

(*Aburame, Jiar eyes widen and his mouth falls open. Saliva spews from his agape mouth as he doubles over the girl's hand. The lightning crackled from out his back while simultaniously blood dripped from his mouth onto Ikeda, kairi's shoulders.

At that moment a cloud of smoke burst from this body. As it cleared it would reveal the rotted log, previously mentioned, now splintered in the center. The back of the log had become singed by her electricity but it was jiar's hope that because of the fragility and method in which she struck the log would actually slide down her wrist and weigh it down, the static damage caused by the splinters being devestating.

Jiar would appear standing beside Nara, Niahgi. He glared at the girl and despite their distance his anger and fury was now clearly visible. As this scene unfolded rain began to fall onto the village, causing the waterline beside them to rise just a bit.*) (Kawarimi activation/ Supposedly round 4)

"Ikeda, Kairi OOCs: [ You posted four roleplays from the time you activated it. It's a three round limit before it fails.]
Aburame, Jiar OOCs: (where are you pulling that from?)
Admin whispers you: its only three roleplay rounds man. if you did it on the fourth rp then it wont work

Above are excerpts from the rp that happened last night between my character Aburame, Jiar and Ikeda, Kairi although Nara, Niahgi was present as well. During those excerpts you will see me use two rounds to rp a "kawarimi no jutsu" then attempt to use it once attacked. First off I would like to begin by saying I am new to the server making sunday just passed one official week. I would also like to say I enjoy this game and am not here to cause ooc arguments or disputes. However during my week of playing I have done my due diligence to educate myself on the terms of the server, that is how I learned that the kawarimi required an activation and then use rp that must be separated. I was never before informed of the "3 Rp round Kawarimi counter" and wrote an action contingent on the jutsu still being active. I have gone to both the wiki and this forum site for information on the jutsu and never once saw anything in regards to that. If I was aware of the 3 rp round limit I would have never rp'd an action that intentionally left me open, the intent of the rp was to react with the kawarimi if attacked.
The following is an excerpt from OOC wherein I speak to a byond member about the activation:

Kanatashu: I don't know how or what to rp from here because I want to make sure it's legit first.
Kanatashu: Anyone know where the kawarimi rule is posted?
Roxinea: Kawarimi
BuBuda: She got dubbed
BuBuda: YES!
Roxinea: Is one Set up RP
Roxinea: One activation RP
Gabatron: ayo this nigga devin just wrecked me
Kanatashu: Is that everything? Roxiena?
BuBuda: 23
BuBuda: he jordan'd u
BuBuda: HAHA
Gabatron: 1 sec
Kanatashu: Rox?
Kanatashu: Im new to the server about a week now and that is what I was always told. Just those two things one rp to activate, two if you do not have handseal daft, then one rp to activate.
Gabatron: so buda..
Roxinea: thats true

Kanatashu: **technique? Rox if you could get back to me or help out in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. Like I said im new to the game this being my first official week and I would hate to lose a character based on my lack of sever education. Although I
[/b[b]]Kanatashu: **Although I went to both wiki and forum and never saw anything in regards to it.

TrillaBeez: sup
TrillaBeez: <--niahgi or how eva I spelled tht shit
Roxinea: Hmm...
Roxinea: I am not aware of the "fourth turn rule" Who were you fighting
Kanatashu: Ikeda, Kairi
TrillaBeez: Lmao
Roxinea: Well, I would suggjest you start a forum post about this.

So even Roxinea had never heard of the rule, and I presume them to be familiar with the game. I am perfectly fine rp'ing along with the way the story goes and even continued to try and go on all the while looking for counsel on the situation. This took place at 7:00am Eastern/Pacific time and thus I eventually fell asleep. However I want to know if the situation could be omitted because the rp itself was completely dependant on the kawarimi still being active. If there is a three round counter as to which it then fails my character should have been aware of this. I have used the jutsu several times throughout my week of play and have never been told of this either ooc or ic. So if any administrator could get back to me as to what my options are it would be greatly appreciated.

"Further input from other members of the player base as I wait for an admin to log in":

Susoria: eeven if that rule is legit,
Susoria: from what i saw in the rp
Susoria: your kawarimi is legit
Susoria: the round you do the handseals and start the activation of the kawa doesnt count towards it, as you cant even activate a kawa on the same turn as you finish the seals.
Onepis: did dt go somewhere?
Kanatashu: That's what I was taught but supposedly it wasn't. I need an admin to weigh in on the situation. I wasn't able to create the forum post at 7 am so I complied until I got a bit more clear headed.
Kanatashu: Thank you for your advice though im hoping an admin will give me a solid verdict because I think the admin who whispered me was going based off what Ikari told them and not the situation.
NationWideFlocker: what is going on
NationWideFlocker: you need
NationWideFlocker: to use your kawa
NationWideFlocker: within four turns
Onepis: not three
Onepis: ?

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Re: Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

Post  Vartio on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:50 am

Generally put there's a few rulings you need to know about Kawarimi:

A: You must have RPed setting up something in advance, or distinguishing an object already available that has not been kawarimi'd for at least 1 round.

A.2: You cannot make an object up that doesn't exist on the map unless you RP placing the object there in advance before combat or during combat (an object you must have been carrying before hand). A randomly appearing boulder or "Rotting hunk of Wood" is considered forcing a kawarimi god mod by most, as you're making an object exist that doesn't.

A.3: In appendum: The Object you Kawarimi with must be at least the size of your chest + abdomen (log), and/or be of considerable weight (Zabusa's Rabbit).

B: There is a -3- round time limit following the completion of the seals. The activation round is included by some rulings of some servers, not all. Generally put though the activation round isn't included unless they're able to hit you within roughly 1 second IC of your seals. If you cannot be hit during this time, your kawarimi is activated.

C: You cannot use while holding your foe, attacking your foe, etc. This is because with kawarimi, you're technically swapping BEFORE you're hit/hit your foe. Kawarimi is solely a distractionary jutsu. It's not a "get out of ownage free card". If your body's focused on holding your foe, they will know something's amiss and they wouldn't attack.

Explaination: If you're being hugged, grappled, etc, your kawarimi will go off involuntarily if enough pressure has been applied (as they'd know it's you), or you will have "disabled" it by force. People will know it's a distraction because Kawarimi is for all rights a henge on an object, and logs/etc lack arms to feel.

C.2: Elsewise, if you're hit by a surprise attack or attack you couldn't legitimately escape even if you weren't trying, you're equally fucked.

C.3: As a side-note related to this Kawarimi is considered hengeing a seperate object to appear as you, and using a burst of speed to swap the object and you. As such like all henges, it only imitates the mass, your actual body's still there, covering the original dimensions of mass (A log will NOT feel like Choji, your hands will more or less phase through Chouji and hit the log, although the illusion may follow depending on skill), just the appearance has changed. Specialized/mastered henges actually change your mass (IE: Gamabunta's Henge)

D: For all rights, you can only kawarimi with something you could reach in one shunshin-type movement to begin with. Without shunshin training, expect a range limit included.

E: 2-Tomoe Sharingans can follow Kawarimi. (Ruling by RyuRitsuka)

F: AoE Attacks (Large-scale damage rather) cannot be kawarimi'd, under same terms of Rule C.2.

G: Sharingan (2-Tomoe), Kagura Shingan (actual, not the verb, as actual Kagura Shingan is 'above' Sixth Sense perk), Byakugan, and Rinnegan will sense a Kawarimi. They will see a log wrapped in Chakra, not an actual body, a moment before the swap. Minimum of "Trained" Sensor equivalent required in actual training required.

H: If hit in mid jump after you legitimately dodge, or hit by a counter attack, your kawarimi will fail to function. Kawarimi includes taking a hit you basically intended to take, as such you will basically not even try to dodge, or run into the attack on purpose (must be hinted to). Above situations as stated equate to an impossible state to rush to swap with kawarimi.

I'm sure most admins will agree with these, if it contradicts the anime: this isn't really the anime, but it fits most (90%) of the kawarimi uses seen in the series.[b]

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Re: Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

Post  Kanatashu on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:08 pm

Well in respect to the information you just posted is my rp legit. As I said before I am new to the server and still would like a link to the place you pulled the information, however I did denote selecting a target that was not previously kawari'd for one round. Furthermore in the second post (Which would have been condensed with the first had I known there was a counter), denoted the intent to hug although it was elaborated on in the next posting. The intention to hug was done completely intentional in expectation of the girl to take advantage of the "Apparent" open opportunity. This was designed so that my character could discern her intention without actually initiating the combative strike. If the kawarimi would be null and void at this time he should have been aware of it. The fact that it even continued to be rp'd despite it expiring is due to my ignorance of the game mechanics and knowledge of where to go to gather accurate information on how tehcniques namely the kawarimi is utilized in this game, I had only been told one turn for activation and other for use.

Once again to be clear. My request is to have an opportunity to re-rp my action if the kawarimi is infact expired. I made a motion based on the idea that the kawarimi would still be in play. If it only expires after 2-3-4 rounds as the various things I've been hearing then I would like an opportunity to respond accordingly.


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Re: Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

Post  Vartio on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:45 pm

It really depends on if the admins agree with each detail, but generally it would be a no.

>Rotted Log/Wood/Etc that didn't exist before hand.

>3+ turns following seals completion (if including the turn)

>*Debatable* Touching foe in advance, they'd know you're henge'd object, hence not strike, or you'd be hit legit.


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Re: Kawarimi 3rd Rp round rule "Aburame, Jiar"

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