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Post  TenaciousRiven on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:26 pm

When you click a dead body to see the body description. Something that would be great to include is an auto entry of what the person's bloodtype had been. This is because say for example a body is not decomposed yet they would be able to be harvested for organs or limbs. Most bodily transplants require the bloodtype to be compatible and this would be a great feature to make such things possible and limit medics and others from having to request an admin find out what the bloodtype had been or if the organ/limb would be compatible with who it was being transplanted to.

Also, another addition that might be good is adding in a decompose system. When a body is not preserved, [this could be a verb that is added into medic's verbs such as 'preserve body'], after a certain IC days time the body should have levels of decomposition. This could be set up as a status on the body so that when the body description is views it would state the decomposition state of the body along with the death description and the bloodtype.

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