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Chains' GM/EC Application Empty Chains' GM/EC Application

Post  jaconlin on Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:52 pm

Your Information
Name/Screenname: Yuki Uchiha
Key [?]: MadnessOfChains
Age: 16
Location/Timezome: Eastern
Position Applying: Event Character/Game Moderator(Admin)

In-Game Staff Experiences
Game Name: None
Theme Of Game: None
Game's URL: None

Freehand Questions
What made you want to offer your services to the Era of the Shinobi Team? (2 Paragraphs)
So far I haven't found a better game, and I would like to help this game continue to improve and make more strides to being an enjoyable story. I want to help increase the player base, and enrich each shinobi's story; so they may seem themselves come to life. This game has inspired me to help people understand the mechanics of it, and to help whatever problems they have. I just really want to make this experience more enjoyable for everyone.

I also see that sometimes people aren't getting the support or help they needed, and a lot of the times this seems to be due to admins being unavailable, or away from keyboard. I would really like to help take some pressure off of the other admins, and to help take the chaos of problems off of the players. I believe that by doing this, it will only help the playerbase to grow. I feel like I could be a huge help to the players on the game, and the admins.

How can you help this game reach it's full potential?
I have a few different ideas I would like to bring to the game. I certainly want to help relieve pressure off of players and admins alike, which I believe will only help the game. I would also like to point out that I'm a fresh mind, and starting to become more enveloped in the story and interaction of the game, and would like to help other people reach the same excitement I have about my character, others, and the game itself.

I believe that I have some story ideas, and possibly other ideas that could be a big help. And if those don't help, maybe the manpower of having another admin, or event character, could also help. I feel like I can bring a new personality to the table, and a different few as an admin, or character. I really just want to help all around, and believe even small tasks can help the game.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state?
A few ideas I have involve the level cap, and jutsus. I think it would be awesome to see, somewhere in the jutsu tab, near the appropriate jutsu, a reading of how much each cast would cost the user in chakra percentage wise. And, as the rank increases, the cost decreases slightly. I also believe it would be awesome to implement a way to tell if somebody is capped, along with a way to tell, percentage wise, how close you are into increasing a certain statistic. The base would be 0, and when you get to 100, it moves up, for instance, from very poor to poor. I also believe handheld maps would be nice, and possibly flashlights. Just as items for characters inside, so they could use them. And of course, the items would work.


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