New icon Donations 14/8/2013

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New icon Donations 14/8/2013 Empty New icon Donations 14/8/2013

Post  Coldreaper on Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:31 pm

Hey, I tried asking in OOC today but didn't get much of a reply, I heard Era was looking for some Tent icons so i quickly put one together to Naruto Standards atm (A small white square tent. Big one i'll do later i guess once i've gotten the shading to a level i like) I am also trying to put together a series of Hair style icons for players to "Make their own" hair much to an idea i got from something else.

It'll basically be three different area's, The front hair style, the back of your hair style, and the main, So for me i'd have Spikey main hair, nothing along the back besides the main and A long spikey stream of hair going down across one eye.

So i was wondering where / How do i donate these icons? Also i was wondering if theres a verb i could have / borrow to change my clothing to suit something more my style? Mouth + chest bandages with Long gloves, black pants with white socked shoes and a Kilt-type thing over the top of the pants

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