A completly unfair Ban explained

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A completly unfair Ban explained

Post  jondoebro on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:01 pm

I wanted to known how many puppets I could create with kugustu no kutsu. I spawned two puppets so I did what I wanted. I decided to destroy them with a poison bomb.(Sense destroy puppet verb bugs me)When I do that it begins to spam puppet fades away in the ic box. Causing it to lag the area around it. I could not move or click so I could not unsummon puppets. After a few seconds I was able to destroy them stopping the spam. Than an admin bans me right away not even giving me a chance to tell why it happend. I am sorry for what happend it was not on purpose. I am not some troll either if an admin checks my logs. Please reconsider this ban and unban me please so I can return to rp.


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