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Post  Gabatron on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:48 pm

Alright so I've been told that when you're promoted Icly you don't just suddenly get stronger icly, which actually makes alot of sense. What doesn't though is not having your actual title changed in your Stat tab to match what rank you are icly. To completely seperate a characters strength from what their position is icly, heres my suggestion. Create another detail in the stats tab underneath 'Status' and name it 'Class'. As everyone knows, Ranks go from E-A if I'm not mistaken. In the stat tab, it should say for example "Class You're a D Class Shinobi" or "Class You're a D Rank Shinobi", whichever sounds better. This will allow Players to actual get their rank icly and oocly, but not just lolgainstrength in the process. Your caps should also be dictacted by what your class is. I'm not sure of what the caps are now but I'll just use this for example. Instead of having the caps tied to the rank, it should be tied to the class. Generally, if a player progresses normally, their rank should allign with their class most of the time. For example, Currently if you are a Veteran Genin level three, your cap is like 200 or something like that. In classes, that will translate to being a C-, or just flat out C rank depending on what Crazah wants. In other cases, sometimes a Genin might be moved up due to a lack of Chuunin in a village, but that doesn't make them stronger. In this specific case, if that person was a D class before being promoted, in their status it should still show Rookie Chuuunin but their class should remain the same since they didn't suddenly recieve a boost in power because they were promoted, unless admins feel otherwise. Since the Information guide hasn't been reverted by, I will just use this imaginary cap levels just to show an example of how it should work.


Now I'm not saying this is what the caps should be, I simply don't have the real caps to use as a reference. I hope that I generally got my idea across in a way that everyone can understand. This means that just like on the show, Its very possible to be a higher class Shinobi, but icly still have a lower village rank just how Naruto is probably atleast a B or A class Shinobi but still considered a Genin. At the same time though, this isn't to promote people to try to stay a Genin for the rest of their lives just to be like Naruto. Chances are if you've been a Genin for a long time, your position will be moved up aswell either through promotion or Chuunin Exams.


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