Story Idea: The Broken Handseal

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Story Idea: The Broken Handseal Empty Story Idea: The Broken Handseal

Post  Avatar Eddy on Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:19 pm

It appears that a strange group has begun appearing throughout several villages ranging from very small ones to even the big three. This group, self-named as the ‘Broken Hand Seal’, has swayed many in their preaching’s that Chakra is a devilish power that has causes nothing but pain and suffering to the world. They have gone on record stating that they wish to “bring humanity back to a better time, before Chakra left a permanent mark of greed, fear, and war on this world.” It appears that more and more are joining their cause. Their teachings state that once Chakra is purged from the world, Kami shall reward everyone for their dedication to, quote “Cleanse the world”

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