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Post  Zinkruzz on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:21 am

Your Information
Key [?]:Gyro-Robo
Location/Timezome:Yukon Territories, Canada. Pacific Time
Position Applying:Moderator, Event planner , GM or whatever is needed

In-Game Staff Experiences
Game Name:Champloo Ikou Era
Theme Of Game: Samurai Shamploo based RP

Game Name:Ikou Chapter
Theme Of Game:FF7 Text Based RP

Freehand Questions
For one, I very much enjoy the enviroment and the potential for RP the game has, I like helping out with alot of things involving RP and progression. I enjoy writing(Or else I probably would'nt be here) and being in a position where I can help create RP be it with world based or even Village based events would make things alot more interesting, I'm good at coming up with ideas and can work with other admins very well. and am usually on late in the night and able to help whenever it is needed

How can you help this game reach it's full potential?(Sorry I could only come up with one)
I could help by answering questions and helping with the smaller things be it with ranks, Progress logs, Minor to major events and various things while other admins are busy, be it with in game problems, Life problems, Other games or anything that can get in the way of managing the game, I can be very helpful, I am up late into the night and am able to be there when other admins are asleep or once again, busy. I can come up with idea's for events and help put them to show, Be it alone or with other admins, I can plan out a story and am an avid writer. I'll help the game by doing my best to help the players, And by setting an example to do so.

What are some ideas you can come up with right now that can improve Era of the Shinobi's current state (1 Paragraph)

Well, I would very much like to see a way for Players to acess their own Progress logs, allowing them to see and go over the progress they've made. Other than that I can't honestly think of ways to Improve the game, Other than making the story itself more Interesting or even making various events to aid with making the game itself more enjoyable. I'm not exactly one for thinking up game mechanics, Although I can come up with some Ideas from time to time.


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